Acidophilus Supplement

An acidophilus supplement is certainly an important player in a comprehensive supplement program. Just as our bodies are amazing combinations of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres, all nutrients in a supplement program work together for the general good of the body in those wise enough to adopt such a comprehensive approach. Just like all the components of our bodies and selves are part of one indivisible whole, nutrition serves the body as a unit.

But don’t individual nutrients or supplements target specific needs or areas of the body? To some extent that is certainly true. However, nothing is used in isolation in the body. For example, Vitamin C does not only or simply strengthen connective tissue in the body; it works with other antioxidants for general protection against oxidative damage, it fights the viruses and bacteria that give us colds and flus and lots, lots more. Rather than try to develop a supplement program with specific nutrients “snipers”, I’d like to suggest an alternative approach to a supplement based health regimen.

We don’t always know specifically what the body needs. We can read the research studies, educate ourselves as to the popularly understood role of each individual nutrient and take the advice of numerous “experts”, but as of yet, science has not advanced to the point of being able to definitively tell us what nutrients we need at what levels for optimum health and wellness. So, do we just throw up our hands and say, nobody knows? How about looking at the body as an innately intelligent creation that knows what it needs. The body will self-serve. Our job is simply to supply a smorgasbord of nutrients from which the body can select. Each cell of the body knows what it needs to perform its function, if it is available. We just have to make it available.

An acidophilus supplement is certainly an important part of an even minimal smorgasbord. The research studies do come in handy in making this determination. They speak uniformly of the health benefits of the good bacteria in an acidophilus supplement. In addition, in supporting the health of the colon, they support the body in absorbing other nutrients. And not only do those bacteria work with other nutrients in promoting overall health, it is particularly difficult to obtain those good bacteria through diet alone.

An acidophilus supplement can be part of the smorgasbord for the young and old alike, which makes it even more powerful as a part of a comprehensive supplement program. Finding an easy way to give some of these nutrients to children makes the ease of this one that much more appreciated.

Your cells will thank your for the smorgasbord of nutrients you offer, including an acidophilus supplement!

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